Skin Boosters

  As we age, hyaluronic acid production declines drastically. Replenishment of hyaluronic acid can be achieved through aesthetic treatments, and the best option widely known today is the Skin Booster treatment. As with dermal fillers, small injections of skin enhancers are placed into target areas at the skin level. Hyaluronic acid is inserted transversally into the dermis layer of the skin, which is the central hub where the real magic happens. Age causes expression lines or wrinkles on the face(cheek, under eye, chin, jawline, forehead, etc), and skin boosters help provide skin with the moisture it needs to boost the chemical process of elastin production. Similarly, hyaluronic acid-infused 


 Korean skin booster injection can also enlighten dark circles under the eyes, visibly brightening your skin tone. DA Korea delivers the best Korean skin boosters to customers all over the world (including the UK, Canada, Europe, USA, China, Australia, India, France, Spain, Russia, and more). We offer sustainable solutions for aesthetic goals.